The Devin Townsend Creative Academy.

Looking to work closely with a successful modern music creative? 

Want to learn creative insights, strategies and techniques from an acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist, engineer and producer?

Are you interested in dramatically improving your own creative practises? Would you like to advance your skills in music, songwriting, singing, production, vocals, guitar and forging a career in the music industry?

Then The Devin Townsend Creative Academy is perfect for you.

This fantastic online video training resource provides hours of practical and useful information. It contains an extremely rare, up close and personal look into the creative strategies, systems and procedures employed by Devin Townsend when creating art.  

The curriculum has been developed and curated by Devin after much consideration, and after many years of experience and experimentation with his own innovative approaches.

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The Devin Townsend Creative Academy is packed full of amazing content, information, lectures, and a variety of exciting bonuses. It contains everything you could want to know about Devin's approaches to making art, and thriving in the creative industries.

Below are merely some examples of some of the modules contained within the course:

Devin Townsend Creative Academy Exclusive Mastermind Sessions.

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Devin has agreed to run 6
 X Live Monthly Online Mastermind Sessions. Here you'll be able to participate in 100% interactive lectures.
You'll be able to send in your questions, hear Devin speak, listen to
 his responses and opinions and learn from the master!

BONUS Material- Devin's New EBOOK.

Purchase now during this promotional period and receive a FREE copy of Devin's new EBOOK "How To Develop Creativity and Excel As A Successful Independent Songwriter In A Changing Industry.

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A Word From Devin.

“I really love music. I believe that everybody's music is unique, important, and should be pursued in a true form.
My years of experience have allowed me to tackle many real world problems that I would like to provide others the ability to be able to bypass as a result of that experience.